Budapest, October 3rd to 6th

Who is Ulisse?

Ulisse is a community of deaf travellers – one in which being deaf will not be a disability, but rather a chance to provide exciting experiences and travel opportunities to other deaf people, boosting each other’s independence, generating more local employment opportunities and promoting local assets.

Ulisse will be the first ever European digital platform that allows for the creation, marketing and promotion of local travel experiences and full holiday bundles designed by deaf people for deaf people.

By using international sign language as a method of self-empowerment, deaf youngsters everywhere can start to build and shape their own future.

What kind of Ulisse are you?

a Traveller

If you are a traveller you can find the travel that fits you in our Travel page or if you already know where you want to go you can discover the Experiences we propose through our local friends.


a Local Friend

If you want to be a Ulisse local friend, you can submit and organize experiences in your city or decide to shepherd and guide foreign visitors after attending one of our international sign language classes.

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